🌟Celebrity NFTs

Gemie will work with celebrities to launch NFT collections of partnered celebrities, with utilities which include exclusive online and offline benefits.

Forms of Gemie NFTs include, but are not limited to:

  • Collectibles

    • Cards, posters, props, PFPs

  • Avatar wearables

    • Costumes, accessories, moves, facial expressions

  • Gemie room upgrades

    • Furnitures, electronics, decorations, wallpapers

  • Media files

    • Video clips, movie clips, unreleased movie teasers, behind the scenes

The NFTs that Gemie launches will always include utilities that reward the NFT holders. Utility of Gemie NFTs include, but are not limited to:

  • Event access

    • Online and offline concerts, movie premieres, after parties, fan meetings

  • Whitelists

    • Discounts and priority in event ticket sales

    • Whitelist access for future NFT drops

  • Physical items

    • Movie props, music video props, official merchandise, physical event tickets

Gemie's first celebrity NFTs

Gemie's first celebrity NFTs, featuring P1Harmony and Cherry Bullet, is launched in early 2023. Holders of Gemie VIP Pass will be able to receive 2 free airdrops of the NFTs (one unique NFT from each group).

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