Gemie VIP Pass

A unique pass that comes with exclusive entertainment and metaverse benefit
The time is now! We are excited to introduce our very own Gemie VIP Pass. The Gemie VIP Pass is a unique pass that comes with exclusive entertainment and metaverse benefits for holders. Owners of the pass are entitled to various rewards such as artist NFT airdrops, exclusive metaverse perks, and other benefits. Make sure not to miss out! Read more below on more details of the VIP Pass, and how you can get your own.

Details of Gemie VIP Pass

  • Total supply: 1000
  • Price: Free (plus gas fees paid by buyer)
  • Whitelist mint date: 6 Mar 2023 12:00pm UTC (SOLD OUT)
  • Public mint date: 7 Mar 2023 12:00pm UTC
  • Airdrop of Gemie VIP Pass date: 6 Mar 2023 (for those who won in the airdrop campaigns)
*Each wallet can only have 1 VIP Pass. Minting is one on a first-come-first-served basis.

Utility of Gemie VIP Pass

Here are some of the benefits for the VIP Pass:
  • NFT Drops & Perks. All holders this round will get a free airdrop of NFTs. In the future, whitelist spots of Gemie NFTs may be distributed among holders.
  • Exclusive metaverse perks. All holders will have early bird and exclusive access to certain areas. Free in-game items/ wearables will be distributed from time to time.
  • Other benefits. All holders will have a chance to win tickets for metaverse events, featuring K-Pop superstars, as well as signed merch of celebrities. Additional exciting event perks will follow.
*Detailed utility of Gemie VIP Pass will be released before our mint date… Stay tuned for more!

How can I get my Gemie VIP Pass?

There are a few ways to get the Gemie VIP Pass. You can:
  • Join Gemie’s airdrop campaigns
  • Complete required missions for a chance to be on the whitelist
  • Join the Gemie VIP Pass whitelist campaigns posted by our partners
  • Mint through our mint page
*This link is the ONLY mint page that we have, do NOT mint through other sites!
More details on the mint will follow on our Twitter. Make sure to follow us to get the latest news of the mint!