Celebrity Planet

In Gemie, fan clubs that meet the minimum requirement of member size can submit requests to start celebrity planets in the metaverse. Once the requests have been approved, the celebrity planets will be activated and fan club members can start building the planets as well as organizing virtual fan activities.

Initially, the celebrity planets will be just big enough to accommodate the founding fan club members. However, as the fan clubs grow in size and start having more fan activities, the planets can be expanded by unlocking new modules and features. Bigger fan clubs and higher fan engagement = bigger and more comprehensive planets.

Other than adding modules and features provided by Gemie, the fan club members will have the freedom to create their own NFTs and playable experiences. They can include them on the celebrity planets and the Gemie Marketplace to be accessed or purchased by other fans. These NFTs and experiences will need to be themed around the celebrity of the galaxy.

The celebrity planet development decisions will be made by the fan club members collectively. All fan club members can submit and vote on proposals in the Celebrity Planet DAO, as well as elect the members of the Celebrity Planet Committee who approve the user-generated NFTs and experiences.

We hope the celebrity planets can be a place for fans to not only build communities, but also connect to their favorite celebrities in unique and immersive ways. The possibilities are endless, and fans have the power to create the experiences THEY want.

When the celebrity planets reach a certain level of engagement and size, Gemie will invite the celebrities to join Gemie and verify their official celebrity planets. On these planets, they will be able to interact with fans and host virtual events, as well as create official celebrity experiences to be enjoyed by the fan communities.

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