Gemie Planet

Being surrounded by many celebrity galaxies, the Gemie Planet is the center and the biggest planet of the Gemie Metaverse. It contains all key Gemie features, including Gemie Room, Town Square, Concert Hall, Theater, Gallery, Store & Marketplace, Arcade, Gemie DAO and Partnership Experiences. Unlike the fan planets that are developed by the fan users themselves, The Gemie Planet is mostly developed by the Gemie Team, and will be launched first.
The Gemie Planet serves as the entry point for the metaverse, and a global stop for users to explore content for all celebrities. This will be where users live, socialize, go on adventures, and attend big-scale events. The journey in the Gemie Metaverse starts here.

Key Planet Features

Town Square

The Town Square of Gemie Planet
Town Square is the entry point and the lobby of each planet. Each Town Square will have its own unique design that reflects the characteristics of its planet. Users appear in the Town Square of Gemie Planet upon log-in and can start their Gemie journey by viewing announcements about Gemie events and activities, completing daily quests for rewards, learning about the latest crypto trends with advertisements on billboards, and figuring out where to go next with the planet directory. From here, they can teleport to other parts of the Gemie Planet as well as the Town Square of any other planet in seconds.

Gemie Room

One of the many Gemie Room designs
A Gemie Room is a customizable virtual space in our metaverse where users can decorate with NFTs and hang out with friends. This is where users can be as creative as they want and turn it into their dream home by displaying their proud NFT collection and their own NFT creations. At the end of your crazy adventures in Gemie, you can always come back to your Gemie Room to chill and recharge!

Concert Hall

The Concert Hall of Gemie Planet
Concert Hall is where virtual concerts happen. Large-scale concerts are hosted in the main Concert Hall on the Gemie Planet, while small-scale fan meetings are hosted in the Concert Hall on celebrity planets.
Virtual concerts and fan meetings are key components of the experience Gemie wants to provide to our users. Gemie will work with celebrities and top artists to ensure our virtual concerts are equipped with interactive elements and innovative set designs that are unimaginable in the real world.


Theater is where virtual screening events happen. Large-scale movie premiers are hosted in the main Theater on the Gemie Planet, while small-scale movie screenings are hosted in the Theater on celebrity planets.
Movie premiers, screenings, and festivals are crucial elements of Gemie’s partnership with movie production houses. Gemie will work with these production companies to get early access to movies and music videos, as well as behind the scene content that will only be available to Gemie users.
The Gallery of Gemie Planet
Gallery gives both celebrity and fan users the opportunity to display their rare NFTs cross-chain. Users can choose which exhibition they want to participate in or even better, apply to be the curator themselves. They can also put their proud collection up for auction in the Marketplace that is connected to the Gallery.

Store & Marketplace

The Gemie Store is Gemie’s official store where users can purchase official NFTs crafted by Gemie and our celebrity creators, while the Gemie Marketplace is Gemie's secondary market where users can trade their NFTs with each other. Users will also be able to create NFTs with fan art and sell them on the Marketplace.
Empowered by blockchain technology, Gemie NFTs eliminate the need for merchandising intermediaries and their commissions to directly support creators. All Gemie NFT transactions are recorded on the blockchain to verify ownership and authenticity. Unlike offline merchandise, Gemie celebrities can benefit in royalties from both original purchases and secondary market resales executed through our smart contracts.
In addition, users will be able to use either the Gallery or their own room to display their NFT collection and add a purchase option that will direct interested buyers to the Marketplace.


Arcade is where users play mini games or complete daily quests to win rewards. In addition to developing mini games and quests in house, we will also partner with other crypto gaming projects to bring their games to Gemie. The rewards will include tokens, limited edition NFTs, virtual event tickets, as well as exciting gifts sponsored by our partners.

Gemie DAO

Gemie DAO is where users submit and vote on proposals regarding the development of the Gemie Metaverse. With the Gemie DAO, all users can contribute to create the metaverse experience they desire.
There will be three layers of Gemie DAO in the metaverse.

Gemie Planet DAO

Users can vote on the development and activities of the Gemie Planet, such as:
  • NFT designs & categories
  • Brand partnerships
  • Feature development
  • Events
  • Quests and challenges

Celebrity Planet DAO

Users can vote on the development and activities of the Celebrity Planets, such as:
  • Feature development
  • Events
  • Fan Planet Committee nominations
  • User-generated NFT approval
  • User-generated experience approval
Once celebrities join the Gemie Metaverse and verify the Celebrity Planets, they can start gathering suggestions from their fans in the Celebrity Planet DAO to help them make daily decisions. Users will have the opportunity to vote on outfit selections, concert song picks, NFT themes, and celebrity experience ideas for their favorite celebrities.

Partnership Experiences

Gemie will partner with crypto and non-crypto brands to help them establish a presence in Web3. We will bring these brands to the Gemie Metaverse by creating customized and interactive experiences for them on the Gemie Planet. Brands will be able to showcase their culture, story, and characteristics and leave a strong impression on their target audience through these experiences.